About US


We are a non-profit organization committed to empowering the community to become better people, leaders, and Athletes.

We believe that by strategically utilizing sports, fitness, and education programs we can enhance the development and promotion of unity and success in our Nashville community and beyond. 


Ro Coleman


Ronell Coleman is from Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in Nashville. He is a Vanderbilt Alum & Former Detroit Tigers Minor Leaguer. Ro is also the co-founder of RAW performance along with Ryan White. His goals are to create change, and provide opportunities for youth in the Nashville community.

Jarrod Parker

Head of Business Relations

Jarrod is a former MLB player and first round pick. He currently resides in Nashville with his wife Lauren. He is the owner of a multi-sport training facility, Parker Sports Performance.  Jarrod seeks to bring exposure and opportunity student athletes in our organization and the programs we offer. 

Ryan White

Chief Strategy Officer

Ryan is a community educator and businessman from Louisville, Kentucky. Former Vanderbilt University football player with a masters in education. Ryan is the co-founder and CEO of RAW Performance; created to enhance performance on and off the field and positively impact all communities through performance training and cultural education. Primarily living with his family in Nashville, Ryan White seeks to spark generational change, wealth, and peace. 

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